How To Avoid The Black Death

Use gloves and face and eye protection of you must handle one.

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How to avoid the black death. There are a few places where the. There was an outbreak in china in 1855 caused by rats and fleas. Traveling back in time to the 14th century. Between 1328 and 1351 the bubonic plague commonly known as the black death killed approximately one third of the population of europe.

The last large plague outbreak was in the 1330. Avoid rodents mice and rats and rodent droppings 3. Deals with avoiding the black death. Black death lesson for low ability year 7 class.

Before the black death there was the sixth century plague. The black death also called the black plague a devastating epidemic of bubonic plague and its variants probably started in the foothills of asias. The featured image of the wikipedia page for the black death is a gif showing the spread of the bubonic plague throughout europe. People could avoid getting the black death by staying far away from the infected keeping clean taking baths regularly washing away the fleas and staying where.

Make sure you know how to avoid the deadly plague. Do not handle sick or dead animal bodies. In 1665 there wasnt the black death.

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